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The Long Runway to Return

“Anchor institutions are enduring, place-based organizations that play a vital role in the social and economic success of their communities. Arts and culture organizations can take on the mantle of anchor institutions. Around the world, enduring enterprises including museums and performing arts centers, theater companies and community-based arts centers employ artists, engage companies, activate community, and pursue social justice issues through deep engagement while also driving important economic impact as well as secondary benefits through ancillary expenditures.” Steven Wolff, The Long Runway to Return.

As part of our Re-launch online learning series, we welcomed Steven Wolff of AMS Planning and Research to look forward and reimagine how orchestras can connect with people (artists, employees, board members, partners, audiences and communities), redesign programs and services, and reinvent business models. A recording of Steven’s presentation is available below, along with a panel discussion moderated by consultant and OC board member Simon Gamache. The panel discussion guests commented on Steven’s research and presentation as it pertains to their organizations, and to Canadian orchestras. Guests: Nicolas Ellis (Orchestre de l‘Agora, Orchestre Métropolitain), Robert Fraser (Organization of Canadian Symphony Musicians, Victoria Symphony), Tim Jennings (Shaw Festival), and Trudy Schroeder (Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra).

Steven’s article, along with his other work, can be found on the AMS Planning and Research website.