Discussion Groups

Orchestras Canada runs a number of email discussion forums that are targeted to specific groups within OC’s membership. Staff and board members at OC’s member orchestras are encouraged to use these groups as a means of sharing resources, discussing important issues, and asking and answering questions.

To join a discussion group, send an email with any subject and content to the subscribe email address supplied below (e.g. development-subscribe[at]lists.oc.ca). Reply to the automatically generated ‘Groups List Manager’ email, and OC staff will review your request and update the list accordingly. You will then receive a confirmation email and will be able to contact everyone in the discussion group through the group email (e.g. development[at]lists.oc.ca).

For questions or technical support, please contact info@oc.ca.

Discussion Groups for Leaders of OC Member Orchestras
wdt_ID Description Join by emailing:
1 CEOs at Large budget orchestras (annual revenues above $3,000,000) largeorchceos-subscribe@lists.oc.ca
2 CEOs at Mid-size orchestras (annual revenues $650,000 - $3,000,000) midsize-subscribe@lists.oc.ca
3 CEOs at Mid-size orchestras (annual revenues $300,000 - $650,000) midsize2-subscribe@lists.oc.ca
4 Leaders of Small-budget orchestras (annual revenues $100,00 - $300,000) smallbudget1-subscribe@lists.oc.ca
5 Leaders of Small-budget orchestras (annual revenues below $100,000) smallbudget2-subscribe@lists.oc.ca
6 Leaders of Youth orchestras youthjeunes-subscribe@lists.oc.ca
7 Music Directors of Small-budget orchestras sboconductors-subscribe@lists.oc.ca
Role-Based Discussion Groups for Staff and Board Members at OC Member Orchestras
wdt_ID Description Join by emailing:
1 Peer Discussion: Artistic Administration artisadmin-subscribe@lists.oc.ca
2 Peer Discussion: Development development-subscribe@lists.oc.ca
3 Peer Discussion: Education & Community Engagement education-subscribe@lists.oc.ca
4 Peer Discussion: Marketing marketing-subscribe@lists.oc.ca
5 Peer Discussion: Music Librarians muslibr-subscribe@lists.oc.ca
6 Peer Discussion: Personnel Managers personnel-subscribe@lists.oc.ca
7 Peer Discussion: Production production-subscribe@lists.oc.ca