Discussion Groups

Orchestras Canada runs email discussion forums that are targeted to specific groups within OC’s membership. We encourage staff and board members at OC’s member orchestras to use these groups as a means of sharing resources, discussing important issues, and asking and answering questions. Get the most out of your colleagues and keep up to date with the latest developments in your field!


To join a discussion group, send an email with any subject and content to the subscribe email address supplied below (e.g. oc-development+subscribe[at]googlegroups.com). You will receive an email to confirm your subscription. Once you’ve confirmed, you’ll be able to contact everyone in the discussion group through the group email (e.g. oc-development[at]googlegroups.com).

Feel free to contact us if you encounter any problems.


You can manage your subscriptions and view old messages here. You can also change how frequently you receive email messages from the group by editing the green circle (every new email, maximum once per day, every 25 messages, or never). We recommend selecting every email or once per day. You can easily unsubscribe by clicking “Leave this group”.

Discussion Groups for Leaders of OC Member Orchestras
wdt_ID Description Join by emailing: Group Email Address
1 Institutions: CEOs at large budget orchestras (revenues above $4,000,000) oc-institutions+subscribe@googlegroups.com oc-institutions@googlegroups.com
2 Catalysts: CEOs at Canada Council funded mid-size orchestras (revenues under $4,000,000) oc-catalysts+subscribe@googlegroups.com oc-catalysts@googlegroups.com
4 Leaders of smaller-budget orchestras with no Canada Council funding oc-smallorchestras+subscribe@googlegroups.com oc-smallorchestras@googlegroups.com
6 Leaders of youth orchestras oc-youthjeunes+subscribe@googlegroups.com oc-youthjeunes@googlegroups.com
Role-Based Discussion Groups for Staff and Board Members at OC Member Orchestras
wdt_ID Description Join by emailing: Group Email Address
1 Peer Discussion: Artistic Administration oc-artisticadmin+subscribe@googlegroups.com oc-artisticadmin@googlegroups.com
2 Peer Discussion: Development oc-development+subscribe@googlegroups.com oc-development@googlegroups.com
3 Peer Discussion: Education & Community Engagement oc-educ-community+subscribe@googlegroups.com oc-educ-community@googlegroups.com
4 Peer Discussion: Marketing oc-marketing+subscribe@googlegroups.com oc-marketing@googlegroups.com
5 Peer Discussion: Music Librarians/IOML oc-musiclibrarians+subscribe@googlegroups.com oc-musiclibrarians@googlegroups.com
6 Peer Discussion: Personnel Managers oc-personnel+subscribe@googlegroups.com oc-personnel@googlegroups.com