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Standing Committee on Finance 2021 Pre-Budget Consultation: OC Submission

On August 7, Orchestras Canada/Orchestres Canada submitted a brief to the federal Standing Committee on Finance as part of the annual pre-budget consultation process. Drawing on the perspective of OC members, the measures we proposed in the brief will:

1. Retain jobs and key talent in arts and culture in towns and cities across the country, so we’re ready for a swift re-launch of the live performing arts sector when conditions permit;

2. Enable arts and culture groups of all sizes – from the most grassroots collectives to our major flagship institutions – to respond to their communities’ cultural needs in new and compelling ways at a time of crisis;

3. Incentivize philanthropy to encourage individuals, philanthropic foundations, and businesses to play their part;

4. Enhance cultural spaces where Canadians gather for transformative arts and culture experiences to ensure they are supported, modernized, and made safer, more accessible, and more environmentally sustainable.

We invite Canadian orchestras to read the brief, then share it with your MP or MPs: OC PreBudget Brief 07 August 2020

You can link to a customizable email message here:  Cover Letter Template_Pre-Budget Brief EN