Hand writing a letter

Letter Template: MP Congratulations

With the 2019 federal election behind us, and the new cabinet recently announced, now is a good time to reach out to your Member of Parliament to make them aware of the important work that your orchestra is doing in their riding. In consultation with out government relations advisor, Éric Dubeau, we’ve prepared a template letter to send to MPs in your area, congratulating them on their election or re-election.

We encourage you to send letters to all MPs in your city/region, not just the one where your orchestra is located: match your correspondence to your audience data. If you don’t know who your MP is, or how to contact them, you can find their name and contact details here. We also encourage you to tailor this template letter as appropriate, making it specific to your orchestra, your region, and the party affiliation of the MPs you’re writing to.

  1. Sending this letter by email is possible, but a physical letter means that you can include a season brochure and other relevant materials.
  2. If you’re sending by post, be sure to use the constituency address, not the Parliament Hill address.