McGill Chamber Orchestra

The How and Why of Policies

Well-understood policies and procedures are the scaffolding for sound financial management.

This webinar will address high-level stuff that may seem so obvious that it’s never stated – such as, our policy is to approve the budget before the start of the new fiscal year, and that revenues should exceed expenses. It will also pin down niggling day to day concerns such as spending authorizations and the appropriate number of signing officers.

This is the second of three webinars designed by Heather Young, Principal at Young Associates, for organizations with budgets under $400,000.

This webinar was presented on April 1, 2015. It was part of  a series entitled “Tips for Small Budget Arts Organizations”, presented by Orchestras Canada, in cooperation with Choirs Ontario, Ontario Presents and Theatre Ontario, with generous funding from The Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Ontario Arts Council.