Esprit Orchestra

Fostering a Culture of Philanthropy and Possibility in Our Orchestra

If it feels like you’re struggling, without the things your organization needs to thrive, research points to specific attitudes and behaviors that are likely in the way. Find out how every member of your team can participate – joyfully — in promoting a culture that people want to be a part of. Money will follow, and you can get what you need. This highly interactive session promised concrete data from research, practical solutions to age-old problems, laughter, stories, and chocolate.

Susan Howlett has been strengthening nonprofits for 40 years, as a board member, development director, executive director, and consultant to thousands of nonprofits across the continent. Author of two acclaimed books, and long-time professor at the University of Washington in Seattle, Susan speaks and trains widely, known for her practical solutions to persistent problems, and her liberal use of humor and stories. She grew up in an orchestra family and married into another one, so she understands your world.

This session was presented on June 5, 2015 at Orchestras Canada’s National Meeting in Vancouver.

Link:  Handout for Group Discussion