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What’s New

From OC Calgary 2018: At this year’s national conference, delegates had the opportunity to break off into smaller groups to more comprehensively discuss the issues facing them in their orchestras and organizations. This recording presents a panel discussion between four Calgary philanthropists who discuss which organizations they do and do not support and why. Moderated by the […]


While much has changed in the world of not-for-profits in the last ten years, the challenges of managing an effective board process remain. This is a refreshed edition of the work commissioned by Orchestras Canada in 1996. How to Get the Board You Need: The Recruitment and Nominating Process


Attendees at Orchestras Canada’s national conference in 2016 asked OC to work with Canadian orchestras and external experts to frame best practices for Canadian orchestras in shaping their work in Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (aka IDEA).  Over the 2016-17 season, volunteers from the National Arts Centre Orchestra, Manitoba Chamber Orchestra and Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony worked with […]


At OC’s May 2017 conference, Ian David Moss, founder of the US-based think tank Createquity, talked about the state of equity, diversity and inclusion in the arts, and provided useful frameworks for orchestras’ current and potential work in these areas. Resources: Slide Presentation: Orchestras and Cultural Equity: Understanding the Debate Speaking Notes


In early August, Orchestras Canada submitted a brief to the federal Standing Committee on Finance as part of the committee’s annual pre-budget consultation process. Informed by a member consultation, our discussions with advocacy partners, our sense of the current political climate, and discussions with OC’s Advocacy Committee, OC made four recommendations to the Committee this […]


Katherine Carleton, Orchestras Canada’s executive director, has been appointed as a Member of the Order of Canada.  A respected arts manager and an accomplished musician, she has been at the helm of Orchestras Canada since 2005.  Before coming to Orchestras Canada, Ms. Carleton was executive director of the Kingston Symphony, the Nova Scotia Symphony and […]


From OCKitchener2016: From Inclusion to Equity: A Paradigm for Positioning Diversity as a Catalyst of Artistic and Organizational Enrichment Workshop lead by Michele Decottignies The objectives of this workshop were to: “Provide an in-depth overview of an Equity & Diversity Framework that gives us all a shared vocabulary, a shared analysis and a shared process.” “Offer […]