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When a deficit occurs, conquering it may become the top priority. In order to communicate the situation effectively to board and staff – and to strategize effectively – it’s important to understand how the situation arose. This webinar will consider types of deficits (e.g. structural vs. situational) and strategies for eliminating them over a do-able […]


Well-understood policies and procedures are the scaffolding for sound financial management. This webinar will address high-level stuff that may seem so obvious that it’s never stated – such as, our policy is to approve the budget before the start of the new fiscal year, and that revenues should exceed expenses. It will also pin down […]


When you’re preparing for your board meeting, how can you tell which items on your financial statements require the most attention? In particular, are there any red flags? This webinar will discuss how to identify significant numbers and key indicators of financial health using two to three concepts each from Balance Sheet and Income Statement […]


Template document designed by Debra Chandler, Orchestras Canada’s Community Organizer, in support to a series of regional workshop delivered in Ontario in 2012-2013. It is compiled from various sources and covers various aspects that can be expected in an orientation and process manual: context mandate, organizational structure, board mission and responsibilities, schedule of meetings, committees, […]