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What’s New

Following three years of consensus-building among music stakeholders, governmental authorities, and conservation experts, policy requests put forward by a consortium of partners in the international music community (led by the League of American Orchestras, and heartily endorsed by Orchestras Canada, among many others) gained approval on August 28 at the gathering of 183 parties to […]


From OC’s National Conference 2019:  Aimé Dontigny and Alexis Andrew (Canada Council for the Arts) present a report on the Canada Council’s recent research relevant to orchestras. Highlights include a presentation of the Council’s recent analysis of Canadian orchestra trends; an introduction to the Council’s work on the qualitative impact of the arts; and an […]


From OC’s National Conference 2019:  Amidst the many demands of mission, vision, art, fundraising, and outreach, Canadian orchestras may not place organizational culture high on their priority list. Ken MacLeod of Sistema New Brunswick/New Brunswick Youth Orchestra and Arts HR expert Jeanne LeSage challenge the tendency to leave organizational culture as a low priority. They […]


In this panel discussion, Dylan Robinson, Cheryl L’Hirondelle, and Rasentonkwa Tarbell explore Indigenous song through a range of perspectives and topics. They discuss Indigenous song as history; the importance of context for Indigenous song; rights to songs among nations, communities, families, and individuals; as well as practices and protocols related to the learning and sharing […]


Harry Somers’ opera Louis Riel first premiered at the Canadian Opera Company (COC) in 1967, marking the centennial of Canadian confederation. Fifty years later, in 2017, the COC and National Arts Centre (NAC) revived this Canadian opera for the sesquicentennial “Canada 150.” The opera’s third act originally opens with an aria, “Kuyas,” adapted by Somers […]


From OC’s National Conference 2019:  Facebook, and Twitter, and Youtube, oh my! The arts and culture sector operates in an increasingly digital landscape. How do orchestras keep up with the pressures and opportunities of going digital, and where do we strike a balance between online offerings and our live programming? Fiona Morris and John White […]


The entire submission is available here. Orchestras Canada/Orchestres Canada Recommendations: Ensure that charities and not-for-profits have the same access to federal programs supporting research and fact-based carbon reduction education and projects as their SME  and MUSH sector counterparts. Ensure that the five-year $180 million investment for the Canada Council for the Arts announced in Budget […]


Social prescribing is a way of referring people from clinical care to a range of local, non-clinical services.  In this lunch & learn, we discuss what social prescribing is, why it is important, and how orchestras might engage with its practitioners. Learn about the history of social prescribing, hear how it’s being scaled up,  and […]


A letter from Ian Ritchie, guest speaker at OC’s 2019 National Conference to the OC Membership on the Re-sounding the Orchestra report: Having first participated in conferences organised by your ACO predecessors back in the early 1990s, when I chaired the Association of British Orchestras and ran the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, I was delighted to […]


From OC’s National Conference 2019:  This workshop builds upon Donna Walker-Kuhne’s keynote presentation, Transcending Differences through the Arts, offering key tactics for building and sustaining diverse audiences. The accompanying slide deck can be found here: Slide Deck